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Vivian Macia has a background in interior design, education and art. She worked as an art teacher for over 20 years in both public and private schools. Vivian began oil painting in 1999 under the guidance of renowned Florida International University professor David Chang.
Her early work is based on studies of nature with a classical, impressionistic style, often working en plein air.
Vivian’s inspiration often comes from nature, color and the movement of light. 
Vivian received a painting commission in 2010 from Carnival Cruise Lines to produce a series of landscapes and close-ups for their new ship, the Carnival Magic, which launched in 2011. In 2019, she began a more expressive approach, letting paint drip and colors mix organically, while experimenting with a variety of materials. The grape tree series led her on a more minimalistic path. In 2020, Vivian further simplified her subjects by using the transparency of tissue paper, painting organic shapes and layers of colors which formed her present technique. You can describe her pieces as light, graceful, mixed media works of art. Vivian is currently an interior consultant/designer and often uses her works of art to complete her interior projects and works on private commissions. She works in her home studio in Key Biscayne.


Vivian Macia
Leaves and Circles, 2020
Oil on Canvas
38 x 26 in
Vivian Macia
Light and Grace, 2022
Mix Media
42 x 32 in
Vivian Macia
Neutral Composition, 2022
Mix Media on Canvas
50 x 37 in
Vivian Macia
Untitled, 2022
Mix Media on Canvas
36 x 18 in
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