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Canadian artist, Pamela Masik currently works out of her studio in Quintana Roo. She is working on an new tiger and totem series. This is the first of the artist’s new collection.

With hundreds of paintings, sculptures, and performances combined, Masik’s innate desire to create emits itself through a prolific body of work. With international acclaim, numerous guest appearances at conferences worldwide, and a feature film documentary under her belt, the artist continues to build the foundation to becoming a part of the Canadian art historical canon.

Masik’s work can be found in corporate and private collections in the UK, Spain, Dubai, China, and throughout Canada and the USA.

Masik invites you to trace the development of her work from the beginning of her career and see its evolution into the present day. In this, the artist hopes to evade categorization, and shed some light on the artistic process which led Masik to where her brush strokes today.


Pamela Masik
Tiger Totem, 2022
Oil on Linen
50 x 43.50 in
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