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Fabrizio Dusi born in 1974, his versatility and ability to represent various aspects of contemporaneity make Dusi a modern artist.

His works are powerfully expressive and go right to the heart of the matter, depicting problems of communication in relationships, and those unsuccessful attempts. People try to communicate, but in actual fact they just create clouds of meaningless words because no one listens, is disinterested or inpatient (Parole al vento – words in the wind).

These themes are acutely topical, created with the irony that facilitates their provocative bite and makes their message more direct. Although, Fabrizio Dusi has worked with many themes, this is the one that most identifies him. Thirty luminescent, electric BLA that form the American flag, the neon light that shines in the dark, looks like the sign of an East Side drugstore.

Works on public spaces and important private collections

Casa della Memoria Milano, SDA Bocconi Milano, Museo delle Paure Lecco, Il Cortile Ambivere , Studio Negri Clementi Milano, Dompre’ Farmaceutica Milano, Museo Gianetti Saronno, Universita’ di Padova, Collezione Imago Mundi Fondazione Benetton Treviso, Art Tank Biffi Collection Piacenza, Fondazione Golinelli Bologna, Museo MIC Feanza, Museo Ceramica Gubbio, Casa della memoria Roma, Museo Alcora Spagna, Perez Collection Miami USA and Yad Vashem Collection Gerusalemme.


Fabrizio Dusi
Acrylic on Thermal Blanket
45 x 83 in
Fabrizio Dusi
Installation in ceramic & wood
24 x 15 in (Each Character)
Fabrizio Dusi
Acrylic on Paper
67 x 42 in
Fabrizio Dusi
Acrylic on Canvas
40 x 40 in
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